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In a dynamic commercial real estate lending marketplace, our sole focus is to help our clients arrange a suitable financing commitment and ensure the loan is funded in a timely manner. We have successfully negotiated and closed multi-million dollar loans with dozens of different lending institutions, and work closely with our borrowing clients to develop the most appropriate loan structure for each circumstance.

For purchase transactions we analyze the merits of assumption versus arranging new debt. On residential rental properties, we compare conventional versus insured financing options. We assist clients with regular portfolio reviews to assess whether appropriate debt structures and maturity schedules are in place to meet long term investment objectives. And for development projects, we often consult and model debt options at the pre-planning stage.

What makes Margolis Capital different?

A borrower gets one chance to make a great first impression to lenders and their credit committees. Margolis Capital's unparalleled reputation amongst institutional lenders has been developed by our mortgage professionals on a relationship basis, over the course of many years of consistently thorough analysis and due diligence, attention to detail, and professional presentations. We bring a high level of credibility and integrity to each transaction - which in turn enables lenders to make sound, fact-based credit decisions, leading to beneficial financing solutions for our clients.

Exclusive advisory representation gives borrowers the edge, because as independent professionals with no conflicting ties to direct lenders or servicers, we work solely towards meeting our clients' key objectives. Often time frame is paramount - whether it's professionally accessing the full lending market or simply moving the transaction forward towards a prompt close. Sometimes achieving the absolute lowest interest rate may top the list of priorities for a commercial mortgage borrower. For certain investors or owners the driving force may be the loan amount, covenants or repayment terms and the resulting impact on cashflow, or flexibility in how security is structured to permit subsequent development. We advocate solely on behalf of our borrowing clients, ensuring lenders remain focussed on meeting our clients' expectations.

Margolis Capital distinguishes itself in the commercial mortgage industry with exceptional attention to detail and post-commitment follow-up. We smooth the inevitable bumps in the road and work with our clients every step of the way. From the favourable resolution of a lender's concern over an environmental issue, to forward fixing interest rates, negotiating the details of a lender's desire to hold back funds for needed repairs, maintenance or re-tenanting costs, Margolis Capital is a professional advisor, full-time advocate and problem-solver. We liaise with the lender's funding departments, and facilitate the flow of information to and from third party professionals and contractors to ensure draws are funded in a timely manner.

Who does Margolis Capital work with?

Margolis Capital is wholly independent, with unfettered access to, and relationships with, the full range of domestic and foreign real estate debt providers including: life insurance companies, pension funds, chartered banks, mortgage bond issuers, regional and local banks, trusts, credit unions and caisses, government agencies, mortgage investment corporations, capital markets and other institutional and private investors and lenders. This ensures that our borrowing clients secure the most competitive financing available.

As an Approved CMHC Correspondent, Margolis Capital can make application directly to CMHC for loan insurance on multi-unit residential properties. We work closely with CMHC to obtain the 'Certificate of Insurance' which then simplifies the subsequent direct lender credit process, eliminating the "subject to CMHC" conditional approvals - canvassing lenders for interest on a fully insured loan results in more competitive quotes.


Margolis Capitalís clients benefit from our past or ongoing involvement in business and industry-related organizations, including the Urban Development Institute, the Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Construction Association, the Professional Property Managers Association, the Winnipeg Regional Realtors Association, and Mortgage Professionals Canada, as well as the Winnipeg and Saskatchewan Real Estate Forums, and the Real Estate Institute of Canada.

We are licensed with the Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC)

Additionally Margolis Capital and its employees are committed to community reinvestment and actively support The United Way and other charities in the communities in which we live and work.